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Welcome to C'est Delicieux, the home of delicious catering, delicious food, Caribbean fusion meals and international cuisine. We serve a wide range of businesses, associations and private groups. For those requiring nutritious dinners but too little time to prepare it, we provide a personal chef service.

Founded by Derek and Lilia Cadet, the company specializes in providing delicious and healthy foods customized to tantalize your taste buds. 

Caribbean food is a fusion of the cuisine of the entire world. At C'est Delicieux, the creative menus are a winning alternative to the usual 'everyday' meals. They are prepared with the freshest and highest quality ingredients and are exquisite in their artistic presentation.


In addition to its' unwavering commitment to quality, freshness and creativity, C'est Delicieux's success is attributable to Derek's combined and extensive experience in both the food service industry and the field of human services. The fact that we are even using the best thermostat to control the temperature of the food that we prepare should be enough. As a food service provider, C'est Delicieux incorporates health and wellness into menus that boost energy levels. We cater for businesses, office functions. meetings, small intimate gatherings, parties, and production companies requiring food delivered on-site

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Contact Information

Postal address
84B Zephyr Drive, Carenage, Trinidad, W.I.
Electronic mail
General Information: info@trinifusionfood.com

Webmaster: webmaster@trinifusionfood.com


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C'est Deliceux 868-637-5506

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